War: More Than a Piece of Cake
Southam News’ TV Times, Hamilton, Ontario, July 7, 1990
A cover story evaluation article on the six-part 
World War II Masterpiece Theater drama, Piece of Cake.

The Trade That Helped Create a Hall of Famer
Baseball Digest, Evanston, Illinois, September, 1991
An interview with former Detroit Tiger third baseman 
George Kell, telling of his rise to stardom.

Rhur Dam Raid
Aviation, Leesburg, Virginia, May, 1993
A 50th anniversary feature article on the famous Royal Air Force Dambuster raid on three German hydro dams during the Second World War. The piece was also reprinted in a 1997 book by the National Historical Society, entitled WWII Air War, The Men-The Machines-The Missions.

World War II, Leesburg, Virginia, May, 1994
An article on the excellent intelligence deployed 
by the allies prior to the D-Day landings.

The Men, The Machines, The Missions
Aviation Heritage, Leesburg, Virginia, November, 1994, a 50th anniversary feature article on the 40th Bomb Group, the first World War II heavy bomber group to see action with the Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber.

The Best Seat in the House
Aviation History, Leesburg, Virginia, November, 1997
An article containing interviews with three former World War II B-17 
ball turret gunners and the dangers they faced in combat. 
Daniel Wyatt

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