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Dangerous Situation in Canada

The following is an email that I sent to my local federal Liberal MP two weeks ago here in Oakville, Ontario…

What has happened to your party since Justin Trudeau has taken over? You are so radical-Left that you make the NDP look like Conservatives. You used to be a party of business, years ago under Lester B Pearson. Then along came Pierre Trudeau, and now his son, a person who has never really worked a day in his life. You are being led by a bunch of social-activists who are destroying this once-great country...

Here are just a few points (of the dozens) either said or done by the dictatorial leader you are following so blindly...

--proposing a $600 bailout package for the media, who of course, will never disagree with your Liberals. It would make Hitler and Stalin proud to control the press in such a way. A whole pile of CNN's.

--integrating returning ISIS fighters into Canadian society because, according to Trudeau, "They will make extraordinary voices in our community." Really, soldiers who fought our boys and Allies?

--"Honor killings should not be called barbaric."

--allowing the UN to control our immigration through the recent UN Migration Pact, thus disallowing our sovereignty at the border. In other words: open borders. Why aren't Canadians given a chance for a referendum on such an important issue?

--the investigation of the Conservative group Ontario Proud by a federal committee controlled by Liberals and NDPs because they criticize Liberals, which is still a right in this country under our Charter of Rights. At least, for now.

--exempting Saudi Oil from the Carbon Tax. Instead of encouraging Alberta oil, we keep buying Arab oil. We should be self-sufficient and shut down foreign interests. We don't need them.

--"The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them."

--"If we kill our enemies, they win." ???

--He is pushing for no voter ID in the next election. Sure, more Liberal votes

--Killing the summer job program for Christian organizations because they're not pro-choice, but giving jobs to Islamic organizations who, by the way, do not believe in abortion either

--"Small business is  a tax avoidance scheme for the rich." I'm a small businessman. I'm far from rich.

--Insisting on Gender Equality, Indigenous rights, and Climate Change issues during the recent NAFTA negotiations. In a TRADE DEAL?

--Trudeau says that the top "complaint" of Canadians is not bringing in more immigrants. How does he figure that?

--"Convicted terrorists get to keep their citizenship."

--"Terrorists should be talked through their feelings." Yeah, with group hugs?

--"Poverty is sexist." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

--Upon Fidel Castro's death: "He was much loved in his country."

--"Industry loves carbon taxes...It will encourage investment." Yeah, sure.

--"Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society." I wonder who the best are according to him?

--"Nationalism is based on a smallness of thought that closes in and builds up barriers between people. It has nothing to do with the Canada we should be building." In other words, Globalism! 

Here's some advice to you and your fellow Liberal MPs. If you really care about the Canada that you are serving, then walk across the floor and force an early election, and tell the press why you're giving up on your party. Do you care more about your salary, benefits and future pension than your own country? Meanwhile, the rest of us have to put up with your party killing everything in the Canada that we once held so dear.

We are in grave danger should Trudeau be granted another four years. We will face financial ruin and be hushed up from speaking out at the same time, all for the sake of his agenda. You and your MPs may be next, should you dare to speak out then. You're being duped by your leader. For heaven's sake, think for yourself. He doesn't care about you. He needs your seat. You're a number. He's only concerned about his agenda. He probably can't believe that he's gotten this far in such a short period of time. Will you let him go for the jugular? 

If all else fails, I sincerely hope that your party gets wiped out at the polls in 2019. Trudeau does not deserve another term. How much longer will your party put up with this? Do something before it's too late.

I'm in my middle 60's. In my opinion, Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister we've ever had and the most dangerous.


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