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The Democrat Party's Controversial Past

As a Canadian who cannot vote south of the border, I find American politics extremely interesting, especially this 2016 presidential election year. In the following, I am presenting only the facts: historical facts, that is…

The Democrats--backed by the mainstream media--have portrayed the Republicans over the years as bigots, racists, and uncaring politicians who are to blame for any potentially race-related incident that occurs across the United States of America. Meanwhile, the Democrats are leaving out their own glaring racist past that dates back prior to the American Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln
President Abraham Lincoln, 1863 (US Public Domain)

In 1854, the Republicans became a legitimate political force, facing their first federal election in 1856 with John Charles Fremont as its leader. Democrats called this new movement the “Black” Republican Party for their anti-slavery platform. Fremont lost the election, but not the next Republican candidate when Illinois lawyer Abraham Lincoln took 59.4 percent of the electoral vote in 1860 to win the White House presidency.

Basically, the anti-slavery Northern states went Republican, while the pro-slavery Southern states went Democrat. Lincoln was so hated in the South that not one slave-holding state voted Republican. Also, in several counties, “Honest Abe” didn’t even receive a single vote. Social reformer Frederick Douglass, a freed black man at the time who had escaped slavery years earlier, said: “I am a Republican, a black dyed in the wool Republican and I never intend to belong to any other party then the party of freedom and progress.”

Fearing for the end of slavery and their feudal way of life--mainly their cotton industry of which black slave labor played a huge role--seven Southern states seceded from the Union by the time Lincoln was inaugurated in March 1861. The Southern Democrats had believed for years that cotton could run the world, and let everyone know it…

“Without firing a shot, without unsheathing a blade, we can bring the whole world to its knees before us. With equanimity, if needs be, the South could refrain for a year, or two years or more, from cultivating a basketful of cotton. But what would be the result? There can be no doubt. Old England would tumble from her proud industrial perch, the whole of civilization toppling with her, joining in her ruin. No sir, you dare not make war on cotton. No power on earth dare make war on it. Cotton is King.''

--Senator James H. Hammond of South Carolina, March 4, 1858

And so, the fists were up, the agricultural South squared off with the heavy industrialized North. Calling themselves the Confederate States of America, this new country absorbed four more seceding states following Lincoln’s early-1861 inauguration, then a month later fired on Fort Sumter, South Carolina to start the costly bloodbath known as the American Civil War.

Three years into the conflict, the Democrats chose George McClellan for the 1864 presidential campaign. McClellan was Lincoln’s former Union general-in-chief whose horrible judgment had cost the Army of Potomac excruciating embarrassments in battle after battle at the hands of Robert E Lee’s outnumbered Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. The Democrat Party line for the upcoming election was a negotiated peace with the North, where the North and South would survive as two separate nations keeping slavery intact in the South. It never happened, of course, because Lincoln won big time in the fall election, and the badly whipped Confederate States capitulated less than a year later.

After the war, following Lincoln freeing the slaves through the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, the South saw the emergence of the Ku Klux Klan, a branch of white supremacist radicals serving the will of Southern Democrats. The Klan used violence against blacks and Northern carpetbaggers in the form of beatings, murders, and lynchings. During the 1868 election, there were several instances in different states of Klan members intimidating locals who were considering voting for Republican candidate Ulysses S Grant.

Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass, 1856 (US Public Domain)

Two other things the Klan tried to do was incorporate gun controls on the public to keep firearms away from the newly freed blacks; as well as initiate something totally new--marriage licenses for the sole purpose of preventing blacks from marrying whites. The ultimate Klan plan--no pun intended--was to overthrow the invading Republican businessmen and politicians who had taken over the Southern states during the Reconstruction Period. The Klan died out in the mid-1870s, then resurfaced in the 1920s-- where membership peaked at four million nationwide--and again in the 1950s, using the same murderous and lynching tactics, this time against civil rights activists, all along relying on Southern police departments, Governors’ offices, and other Democrat politicians for protection.

Then we can’t forget the Jim Crow laws of the segregated South. Once again, the ruling Southern Democrats were responsible, this time for the “Colored Only” hotels, restaurants, washrooms, schools, and drinking fountains. Just think of Democrats the next time you see those stunning newsreels from the 1960s showing the water hoses pointed at the peaceful Southern black protesters. The orders came from people like Alabama Governor George Wallace and Georgia Governor Lester Maddox: Southern Democrats.

In addition, shortly after he became president in 1963, Texas-born Lyndon B Johnson and his Democrat Party could see that the Southern blacks were gradually moving towards Republican principles. So in response, at least recorded by one of his biographers, Johnson reportedly said to his closest advisors: “I’ll have those n-----s voting Democratic for the next 200 years!” As a result, out popped Washington’s numerous welfare freebies compliments of the hard-working taxpayers. In the timespan of a hundred years, the Democrat party took the African-Americans from slavery through the KKK period to segregation, finally ending up at the welfare state. Democrats have secured the black vote ever since: In most federal elections, over 90 per cent African-Americans vote Democrat.

As Johnson had realized fifty years ago, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats today need the black welfare vote for their political survival. So, they keep purchasing such votes with taxpayer handouts. According to more than one current black Republican-voting political celebrity, the last thing the Democrats want is for the black majority to succeed in life because if they do, they’d probably “start voting Republican.” I heard African-American ex-NBA star Charles Barcley say recently on Dan Patrick’s syndicated sports talk show: “The blacks have been voting Democrat for decades, and they’re still poor.”

Ku Klux Klan
Ku Klux Klan members, Denver, Colorado, 1921 (US Public Domain)

Here’s something more current that I want to leave with you: When African-American Freddie Gray died while in Baltimore police custody in April 2015, the mainstream media and Democrats galore declared that police brutality and racism were behind the riots that resulted afterwards.  So, I looked up the facts in the case and this is what I discovered: Six officers were charged in the death of Gray, who, by the way,  had a rap sheet a mile long containing numerous violations such as drug dealing, possession of drugs, assault, burglary, and probation violation. Three of the six arresting cops were black, in a Baltimore Police Department that was over 40% black, run by a black police chief. Blacks rioted in a black section of Baltimore, looting, destroying, and setting fire to predominately black businesses.

Furthermore, the Democrat mayor and Democrat Maryland state attorney were both black in a city that’s 65% black, ruled by Democrat mayors for 69 years, except for one lone Republican from 1963-1967. Also, the incident occurred on the watch of a Democrat-voting black federal US attorney in Washington appointed by a black Democrat president. Police brutality and…racism? Over a year after the incident, all six police officers in the case have been acquitted by the African-American judge presiding over the matter.

I urge anybody reading this article to google for themselves the above information. As baseball manager Casey Stengel used to say: “You can look it up.”

Please do, and arrive at your own conclusions. 


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